Next Step (IMPORTANT)
  Module-1 Basics
  Module-2 AEMA (Proprietary Strategy)
  Module- 3 TrendMagic 20 (Proprietary Strategy)
  Module -4 Dominator Plus (Proprietary Strategy)
  Module- 5 BlackSlash (Proprietary Strategy)
  Module- 6 JadeSpade (Proprietary Strategy)
  Module- 7 Introduction To Options & Options Writing
  Advance Module-8 Ignite Plus (Proprietary Strategy)
  Advance Module-9 RSI Reversal (Proprietary Strategy)
  Advance Module-10 Aerron (Proprietary Strategy)
  Advance Module-11 RSI Trendifier (Proprietary Strategy)
  Advance Module-12 Aema Options (Proprietary Strategy)
  Advance Module-13 Provider (Proprietary Strategy)
  Advance Module-14 TrendMagic 30 (Proprietary Strategy)
  Advance Module- 15 Aerron Dominator Plus Ignite Plus
  Advance Module- 16 Untapped Important Practice
  Advance Module- 17 Uncovered Secrets Revealed (indicators)
  Bonus Module-18 50 Bonuses As Promised (worth 8000)
  Bonus Module-19 Algo-Trading (Worth 26500 Rupees)
  Super Bonus Module-20 Spider The King Of Automation & Technical Charts (Total Worth 59490)

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